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Effective Learning

Effective Learning

Students Equipped for Life

At Delungra Public School, small classes allow us to gain a deep knowledge of each student. We are committed to effective learning practices to instil in your child a love of learning.

Every step a student takes in our primary school is training them in confidence for a larger high school setting. We teach the children to know when they need help, to ask for help, and if they find that a teacher is busy, they can look for the answers themselves.

Our teaching staff actively engage in research and learning strategies to develop thoughtful and purposeful learners at Delungra school. We equip our students to be engaged in and have control of their learning.

Our students learn through:

  • Explicit teaching of the six foundations listed below.
  • Deliberate practice of teaching the students what these foundational skills look like.
  • Supporting student feedback to improve their growing skillset.
  • Students’ self-assess their learning journey.

Foundations of Effective Learning

Be Resilient

Students learn:

  • To manage themselves, their attitudes and actions when things get tough.
  • Having the grit and determination to move through and keep going.

Our students say: “I work through hard work.”

Be Positive

Students learn:

  • To engage in positive self-talk, “I can do this.”
  • Learning it’s okay if it’s not achievable yet – but I can.
  • Setting goals for the future and knowing you can achieve them.

Our students say: “I can train my brain to do this.”

Be Responsibly Risky

Students learn:

  • I am brave and have the courage to succeed.
  • Taking a risk in learning is a really good risk. A responsible risk.
  • A fail is not a bad thing.

Our students say: “When I’m in the Learning Pit then I work my way out of it.”

Be Your Best

Students learn:

  • To have high expectations of themselves; not be satisfied with the status quo.
  • To always try to improve and be their best every day.

Our students say: “I always do my best and help others to learn.”

Be Curious

Students learn:

About the world and how well they can succeed

  • To assess their own performance and get feedback. Self-reflection.
  • To ask questions.
  • To dig deeper.

Our students say: “Our teachers give us feedback and help us to be successful.

Be Resourceful

Students learn:

  • They can find their own information.
  • If the first strategy didn’t work, try another.
  • There are lots of ways to drive our learning and solve problems.

Our students say: “In maths, science and other things I try different strategies.”